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28 September 2018

Version 5, the latest software release from New Zealand owned and operated accounting solution provider, Accredo, significantly enhances system security and is one of the first software packages giving customers the ability to electronically file GST returns. »


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10 July 2018
When it comes to growing a successful business, few things are as important as having a clear picture of where your business is at and an equally clear plan for where it’s going. »
Author: Paul Wilson
09 April 2018

No doubt many Accredo users will have heard about AIM (Accounting Income Method), a new provisional tax option the New Zealand Inland Revenue department made available from 1 April 2018. »


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24 October 2017

Increasing user accessibility is a key focus of the latest version of Accredo’s software (It can be downloaded here), which now supports high Dots Per Inch (DPI) for Windows. This means users can now scale Accredo on their screen to greater magnifications - 125%, 150%, etc. The Accredo scaling does not affect the general Windows scaling setting a user may have in place – Accredo operates its own scaling on top of the Windows control. »


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04 September 2017

Accredo customer, Think Water New Plymouth, has won the 2017 Think Water Franchise of the Year award and co-owner Angela Bevan says the time-saving functions in Accredo’s accounting software have helped keep the business in winning shape. »


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03 March 2017
Ransomware viruses, such as CryptoLocker, are causing trouble for an increasing number of New Zealand businesses. Accredo Channel Manager, Kevin Carberry, says Accredo customers should take the threat of infection very seriously. »