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 Clements Contractors wins Northland 2018 business award
Oct 29, 2018

Accredo customer, Clements Contractors Ltd, has won the Supreme 2018 Westpac Northland Business of the Year award and the Vodafone Excellence in Business Large Business Award.

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 Accredo schedules latest software release
Oct 02, 2018

Version 5, the latest software release from New Zealand owned and operated accounting solution provider, Accredo, enhances system security and is one of the first software packages giving customers the ability to electronically file GST returns.

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 Less drudge, more empowerment
Oct 19, 2016

NZ Business: By rights there should be a lot more happy business owners, bookkeepers and accountants out there because dynamic new online (cloud) accounting and financial software platforms are increasingly making life easier. If that's not your experience, then perhaps it's time to seriously consider upgrading.

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 Apps, add-ons, the cloud and empowerment
Sep 23, 2015

NZ Business: A dynamic accounting software market wants to change SMEs for good. From apps and add-ons to hybrids and mobile access, NZ Business reviews some of today’s leading options in accounting solutions. By Kevin Kevany.

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 Ledgers in the clouds
Sep 25, 2014

NZ Business: Money in, money out – it’s the basic function of any commercial operation. To manage the whole process, accounting software (or ‘solutions’) is an absolute must.

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 Embracing change
Sep 24, 2013

NZ Business: The world of accounting software continues to adapt, evolve and innovate – with the move to online-delivered solutions by far the biggest trend. Kevin Kevany reviews the market.

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 Keeping the books
Sep 24, 2012

NZ Business: Accounting software has advanced enormously since those early spread sheets which provided little more than book-keeping and compliance. Today’s smart solutions encompass the broader business picture and enable a greater understanding of what’s really going on.

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 Accredo expands in Australia
May 17, 2012

Reseller News: Business management software provider Accredo has opened an Australian head office in Melbourne to further expand its business operations across the Tasman.

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 Accredo hits Australia, recruiting resellers
May 07, 2012

ARN: New Zealand-based business management software vendor, Accredo, has opened a new head office in Australia as part of a move to expand its presence within the region.

Located in Melbourne, the business will be led by Ian Crates who has been appointed as CEO for Australia.

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 Not just a tool; more a business solution
Oct 02, 2011

NZ Business magazine: Choosing accounting software takes time and effort. In the long run finding the right package is an effective way to reduce business costs. Patricia Moore has the trends, the options, the issues and loads of advice.

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 Up for the count
Oct 02, 2010

NZ Business magazine: I picked a bad time to research this story. With the 1st of October GST deadline looming, it seemed everybody I wanted to interview was busy preparing for the big event. Software vendors, accountants and tax advisors were frantically assisting clients to get up to speed for one of the most significant tax changes this country has seen for some years. My own accountant informs me that it has been a relatively busy year for accounting firms too, with a steady stream of tax changes from the National government.

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 Shifting the payroll parameters
Feb 02, 2010

Payroll issues continue to create headaches for many business owner-managers – but new methods of payroll delivery are providing some welcome relief. Glenn Baker reviews the payroll systems and services market.

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 Business friendly & good to grow
Nov 02, 2009

NZ Business managazine: Whether you’re a well-established business, or about to open the doors for the very first time, there are a lot of boxes to tick when it comes to choosing an accounting/financial software package. And with many solution providers now offering the option of online, rather than desktop delivery, or a combination of both, there have been even more boxes added to the checklist.

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 Still crazy after all these years
May 09, 2008

Does computer programming keep you young? It seems to have worked that way for Tish Brindle and Paul Heinz, general manager and director of Accredo Business Software. Accredo has been going a long time, and both have been with the company for years - but you'd swear they were fresh out of masters courses, bubbling with downright youthful enthusiasm for what is actually a rather old product.

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