Who's on the other end of the phone?

Sep 08, 2011

Did you know Accredo can be integrated with your telephony system? This is a handy CRM feature that works well for businesses running call centres or simply where a significant proportion of business is undertaken on the phone.

Thanks to support for industry standard Telephony API (TAPI), Accredo users with appropriate phone systems can dial directly from phone numbers stored in the Accredo system.

But better yet, when a call arrives at a user's extension even before they've picked up the phone, Accredo can see if the number of an incoming call matches any phone numbers stored and identify if the caller is a customer, supplier, or some other key business contact.

This way call recipients can be alerted to the identity of the caller and Accredo can be customised to pop up on their screen any relevant information or documents - giving them a head start as to what the call may concern. The type of information shown can be adapted to suit your unique business needs.

For example, if the call is from a customer, contact centre representatives can quickly see any outstanding orders or the past months invoices - whatever information is most essential for promptly resolving that caller's query.

Accredo can be integrated with most standard telephone systems which support TAPI. For more information contact your QSP.

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