Version 4 offers improved navigation for full screen users

Dec 16, 2014

The Navigator provides users with quick and easy access to Accredo modules, tasks and reports. In the current version of the software it gets covered up when an Accredo user is in full screen mode. However, in Version 4, Carberry says, the Navigator can be docked to the left or right hand side when in full screen view, and, if the user so desires, it can be moved out of the software entirely and placed in a floating window on a second screen.

“The Navigator can be toggled in or out of view, but remains readily accessible to ensure ease of navigation around the system. It means less shifting between screens and will give users more confidence about where they are in the system – while still allowing them to use the full screen view of the software.”

Version 4 features a number of other changes to the user interface which are aimed at ensuring the look and feel of the software remains similar to the current Microsoft product environment. The software screens will feature updated icons, buttons and fonts and will give users the option of selecting background screen colours.

“Currently, users can only change the surrounding desktop background colour, but in Version 4 users will be able to select a colour for the software screen itself. If a customer operates more than one company the colour coding will make it easier to identify which company they are currently working within when running full screen.”

Click here to view a screenshot of Version 4 user interface showing Navigator docked at left of screen.

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