User accessibility and improved email control feature in latest build

Oct 24, 2017

The scaling setting is accessed from Preferences and provides a range of magnifications. This feature solves an issue with fonts that was introduced when Windows 10 was released. Now, when users scale-up the interface Accredo is displayed crisply and makes the controls larger, a significant improvement particularly for any visually impaired users of the software.

Two other improvements we think users will welcome include:

  • General Ledger reconciliation made simpler: A new General Ledger Reconciliation report compares the general ledger to other control account modules. It checks that everything is posted and balances between the general ledger and other ledgers, such as debtor control, GST and bank accounts. Previously this had to be done manually, so it will save administration time for those tasked with general ledger reporting and reconciliation. It will also make it easier to identify any posting/balancing irregularities a customer may be experiencing.
  • More control over email: In the latest version of the software users have the option to create an email from within Accredo, instead of their default mail application. Once the email is drafted it is then sent to the user’s mail application (Outlook or Gmail, for example) for transmission. The addition of ‘before send’ and ‘after send’ events allow users to do such things as automate the recording of emails as memos on the contact or client the email was sent to.
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