Units of measure added to Accredo Foodstuffs integration

Apr 12, 2016

One of the major new features introduced in Accredo Version 4, UOM allows customers to ship stock and manage inventory in bulk units of measure, says Accredo technical analyst and writer, Verity Blyth.

“With UOM enabled, Accredo manages bulk UOMs of product, such as boxes or pallets, and then automatically calculates back to the base quantities. Being able to allocate product in bulk is extremely useful, particularly for customers who supply to Foodstuffs. The Accredo UOMs mirror the Foodstuffs UOMs for minimum effort electronic processing.”

She says it allows Accredo customers to communicate efficiently with Foodstuffs, and ultimately reduces time spent managing order and inventory issues.

“It’s all automatic,” says Blyth. “We have developed scripts that set up UOM for Foodstuffs in Accredo so suppliers can seamlessly receive purchase orders and load these as Accredo OE Orders, then communicate to Foodstuffs that the order has been either accepted or rejected.

“When an invoice is generated from the order, Accredo automatically creates an advanced shipping notice in the Foodstuffs required format, and sends it to Foodstuffs. When the invoices are posted in Accredo, they are automatically exported to Foodstuffs.”

Blyth and her Accredo colleague, developer Sheik Nawaaz, recently attended a Foodstuffs seminar to talk in detail about Foodstuffs award winning B2B ‘eXchange’ functionality.

“Foodstuffs wants suppliers to adopt its electronic data exchange and is keen to listen to feedback from people using it. Foodstuffs representatives are also happy to attend Accredo customer initiation meetings – free of charge – to explain how it works and assist with the setup.”

If you would like to learn more about how Accredo and Foodstuffs work together please email: info@accredo.co.nz

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