Swift response provides lesson in good customer service

Nov 12, 2012

Software enhancements completed in double quick time are helping a New Zealand Crown Agency run complex general ledger reports in under a minute.

The agency is an Accredo Saturn customer that runs a complex chart of accounts, says Brian Fisher of Circuitry Computer Services, the agency’s Wellington-based Accredo Qualified Support Person.

“As a government agency it needs to have clear visibility of where money is coming from and where it is going to. As a result, it runs around 70 branch codes, 70 department codes, 30 different cost centres and around 8000 account codes in its general ledger. And, it also runs multiple budget codes.”

When the Accredo solution was originally developed encountering a customer with this degree of general ledger complexity wasn’t foreseen. But Fisher says Accredo was up to the challenge of restructuring the software and providing the level of reporting the customer wanted.

“It is a good lesson in how to respond to user demands. In this instance the customer was really pushing the software and in response Accredo re-factored it to accommodate not just this particular customer, but any other that has a similar need.

After alerting Accredo, Fisher says the company’s development team came back with a solution in double quick time. “They altered the way the reporting mechanism operated so it could handle an increased number of general ledger data parameters. They put three people on the job immediately and had a solution for us within three days.”

Fisher says Accredo also improved the speed at which the reports were running. “They were taking too long to execute which was frustrating for the customer, but Accredo looked at it and found a solution within two days.”

Complex general ledger variance reports can now be completed in under a minute, says Fisher. “The speed improvement is quite incredible and the customer now has the confidence to execute the reports quickly and easily whenever they are needed.”

Both software updates are now included in the general release version of the software.

Fisher says Accredo is not afraid to act on customer requests for enhancements and is always willing to challenge its own thinking.

“It has also changed the way the Accounts Payable expense grid operates, which has resulted in further significant speed improvements for the agency.

“It is this type of service that keeps me loyal to Accredo. In my opinion, it would be extremely hard to find that level of instant response and quality of service at any other software company.”

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