Release 3.5 ready to ship to customers

Nov 28, 2011

Accredo’s latest software version, Release 3.5, is now available and customers will be receiving their information packs with supporting release notes shortly.

Accredo General Manager, Tish Brindle, says the company has completed its nationwide QSP (Qualified Support People) training for the new release and customers and QSPs can contact Accredo to request their software upgrade key whenever they wish.

“When they feel they are ready to upgrade they can contact us by phone or email and we will then send them the key that enables them to install the new release,” says Brindle.

She says the response from QSPs to the new release has been very positive. “I think they are pleased with the level of new functionality and the number of improvements we have been able to incorporate.”

Accredo QSP, Sue Spindler of Eicor Resources in Christchurch, says there are some new features in 3.5 which will be extremely useful for many of her clients.

“The latest release automatically adjusts GST when giving settlement discounts to a customer, whereas in prior releases GST adjustments had to be done manually.”

Spindler says the new forced exit feature will simplify back-up procedures for customers with multiple users. “It will give the system administrator more control over access and exit when it comes time to perform system back-ups.”

David Scott of Top Flight Computer Services in Auckland, says the new ‘Links’ feature will be one of the most useful for customers. “This allows users to attach external documents and other file types to invoices, allowing them to access those records much more easily.”

Scott says bulk emailing to customers has been improved in the latest release thanks to the incorporation of new HTML formatting capabilities.

“It is a good release and we will be encouraging customers to upgrade over the next few months.”

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