Pam Burnside

Qualified Support Person

When customers ask Accredo reseller Pam Burnside whether their financial management system can be adjusted to better suit their way of doing things, she invariably answers, “Yes”.

“If I can logically think through how a process would work, 99.9 percent of the time I am sure Accredo will be able to accommodate the request.” She says that she has never faced situation where Accredo cannot do something a customer has asked of it.

“It’s why Accredo is the only business management software package I sell. It has a flexibility and breadth of product functionality that puts most other accounting packages in the shade.”

Burnside has been an Accredo QSP for over 15 years, starting out working for someone who was already an Accredo dealer. “After a while I moved out on my own and have always been kept busy with Accredo work. I haven’t needed to look at other products to support.”

She says she has great respect for the way the company is run, citing the dedication of its staff and the knowledge they have of the New Zealand business environment.

“Accredo are proactive in making sure their customers (as well as their resellers) are kept in the loop in terms of what is going on with the product. I feel confident in the company because I know if there are any problems they are only a phone call away – and they don’t shy away from helping.

Burnside says Accredo garners fierce customer loyalty as a result.

“I service around 90 Accredo customers and I have had many of them for more than 10 years. The only companies I have lost are the ones that have been brought out by bigger concerns and have had to swap their system as a result.

“While all of my customers have experienced growth in their business none of them have outgrown Accredo. The product is robust enough to handle a large number of users and can scale to handle increased data volumes.”

Another key aspect, she says, is Accredo’s ability to offer more than just standard compliance accounting functionality. “My customers view Accredo as a sophisticated management tool. They make the investment in the product because they want a system that does more than just crunch figures.”

city/town: Auckland
phone: 027 274 8474

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