One of Accredo’s most loyal customers signs off after more than 20 years

Dec 03, 2009

One of Accredo’s longest standing customers is closing his account after using the software for more than 20 years to run his successful Dannevirke pharmacy business.

Wilson's Pharmacy, a longtime presence on Dannevirke High Street, will close its doors shortly once owner Brian Wilson completes the sale of his pharmacy to a fellow Dannevirke business.

"I am only four years away from retirement, and have received a fair and reasonable offer for the business, which will allow me to work through to retirement under the new ownership and in the process catch up on some much needed holiday time."

Wilson says he selected Profax 3 (the name of the earlier version of Accredo's software) when the program first came out in 1986.

"We looked at a number of different financial programs when we upgraded our Commodore computer system to a new IBM-based one. I soon discovered that Profax was the only that worked properly."

He says Profax had the right mix of modules which operated together in a logical and easy to use fashion.

"What stood out for us back then was the way you could finish your month work in one module, pull up an audit trail and then post all the necessary transactions through to the General Ledger. It sounds easy now, but back then, not many systems were as simple and painless to use."

Wilson says he stuck with Profax and then Accredo down the years, because the software was extremely robust and because the company didn't move away from that winning formula.

"On numerous occasions I have evaluated a number of different systems for other people and they have all had their problems. Accredo always seemed to be much easier to negotiate, particularly when you compare it to a system like MYOB, which appears extremely complicated for what it does."

Says Wilson: "Accredo is a good program and although I have only used General Ledger, Cashbook and Creditors, I know it is capable of providing a lot more functionality. The ability to recall information and go back to any point in time and replicate data has been extremely useful to my business."

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