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16 December 2014

A key benefit of the upcoming Version 4 Accredo release is the introduction of a ‘dockable’ Navigator, says Accredo’s Channel Manager, Kevin Carberry. “The changes we have made to the Navigator will give our users who like to work in full screen the freedom to move more easily around the system.”


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21 November 2014

Accredo's Special Pricing (SP) module allows you to solve pricing problems simply, flexibly, transparently and powerfully. Using the attached guide you, or your QSP, can learn how to deliver consistent pricing across your organisation.»


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09 October 2014
A focus of the release we are working on is making it (even) easier and quicker to find what you need to know.  Here are some of the improvements designed to speed up tasks.»
Author: Paul Wilson
11 August 2014
This is a general warning to customers about ransomware. This has been in the news a lot this year and quite recently we have had two customers hit by the latest incarnation – CryptoWall. It is a particularly nasty piece of work that all users should look out for and take extra precautions against.»
Author: Tish Brindle
16 June 2014

Accredo continues to add to its library of business-to-business software integration points, enabling more SMEs to transact automatically with larger customers.»


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17 April 2014
I have been fielding a number of calls regarding Microsoft's withdrawl of support for XP and Server 2003 and how it affects Accredo. Customers who still use these should know that we won’t be testing new builds or versions of Accredo on Windows XP or Server 2003, and won’t be listing them as supported Operating Systems.»
Author: Tish Brindle

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