New features and usability enhancements in Accredo Version 4 well received

Jun 29, 2015

Accredo Version 4 is generating a positive response from resellers and customers according to Accredo Channel Manager, Kevin Carberry. “We are pleased the way the new release has been received. We set out to make the software easier, faster and better to use, and the feedback we are getting from our customer base and partners is that we have achieved that aim.”

Carberry says many of the enhancements and new features in Version 4 came about as a result of ongoing customer feedback. “We like to listen to what our customers say – it’s a key reason why they stick with us as their businesses grow. The changes we have made are aimed at simplifying our customers’ day-to-day business activities.”

Accredo QSP, Jill Garrett of Blue House Computing Ltd, says feedback from customers she has upgraded to Version 4 has been extremely positive. “The change to a more contemporary user interface is quite significant, but my customers have been very receptive to the improvements.”

Blue House Computing customer, Gisborne-based Universal Engineering, is a long-term Accredo user. Finance manager, Karen Tunstall, says she is loving the improvement to the Accounts Payable module.

“I use the Accounts Payable ‘Approve for Payments’ screen a lot - with Version 4 you can select any line and drill down to the original source document from this screen – which is a big plus and definitely saves us time.”

Tunstall says Accredo is the perfect software for Universal – a company that undertakes a wide variety of steel manufacturing jobs. “Accredo software caters for many different business scenarios. We have a lot of personal scripts written to accommodate the way we run our business. Considering the number of customisations we have implemented, our upgrade to Version 4 was extremely smooth.”

Tunstall says the new look and feel is quite different. “But, for me, that is a good thing. The user interface is fresh and modern, and I’m happy with the change because you need to move with the times.”

Erin Maule, Office Manager a fellow Blue House Computing customer, Gisborne Hydraulics, says she is a big fan of the ‘dockable’ Navigator. “I really like the way you can move it from one screen to another and blow it up to ‘full screen’ dimension.”

Maule says she also enjoys how you can print a report to the screen and then move it to a second screen. “The report isn’t locked into the first screen. Previously, you had to close it if you wanted to go and look at anything else. Now, I can put it on the second screen and check the report against the work I am doing on the other screen.”

She says the brighter, more modern screen icons are also a step up. “Overall, Version 4 has made quite a few subtle, but significant improvements – all of which make it that much easier for us to do our jobs.”

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