New Accredo release reduces chore of accommodating GST rate change

Aug 09, 2010

Accredo is encouraging customers to upgrade to its latest software version, Release 3.2, as it will make the transition to the new GST regime smoother for business owners.

All customers with a current update subscription will receive the new version automatically - and in plenty of time before the GST rate change on October 1.

Accredo General Manager, Tish Brindle, recommends that customers ask their Qualified Support Person (QSP) to do the upgrade on their behalf. "All our QSPs will be very busy in the month prior to the new rate taking effect and we are encouraging all customers to talk to their QSP as soon as possible in order to arrange a time for them to come and install the new release."

She says customers who are not on the update subscription service and are running older Accredo software versions should also consider upgrading and either contact Accredo or their QSP to discuss the advantages.

"Although all older Accredo software versions will accommodate the rate change, there will be a considerable degree of manual adjustment needed each time a transaction is processed over the transition period."

Every time an invoice is raised or a creditor invoice entered users will have to think about what GST code is appropriate, says Brindle.

"It will be more time consuming and more cross-checking will have to be undertaken, whereas with the new 3.2 release all these problems are removed. You can have more than one GST rate for the same GST code and the system simply does the right thing, picking up the rate that is effective for the date of the particular document or transaction."

Brindle says apart from the simplification of the GST processing, the latest release has plenty of other new features to excite users.

"This release contains a large number of user-requested improvements. We have created list views which enable users to quickly and simply view customers, jobs and products. We have also made some key improvements to the 'at a glance' understanding of our reports, giving users the ability to select summary totals and exclude unnecessary detail if they so desire."

Brindle says these changes, together with improvements in the general system workflow, have been greeted enthusiastically by Accredo's network of resellers.

"We have completed all our QSP training and the response has been universally positive. The changes to the way the software handles the GST will definitely help businesses cope with the new rate regime and make the transition easier."

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