Make sales simple with Accredo accounting software

Mar 20, 2019

Sales are the lifeblood of all growing organisations. But as every New Zealand SME knows keeping them pumping is not that simple. Any number of external factors – new competitors, economic slowdowns, supplier issues – can negatively impact your sales success. For that reason, it is vital to have tight oversight over elements of the sales cycle that you control.

Automate, facilitate…celebrate
Accredo facilitates sales success by providing mobile functionality and automation tools that make it easy for you to keep customers satisfied, while reducing time-consuming drudgery. Accredo’s sales functionality helps eliminate the potential for human errors – mistakes that can be the difference between a one-off sale to a disgruntled customer or profitable repeat business to a satisfied one.

Think of your sales process as a timeline. If you reduce the time it takes to process an order, undertake invoicing and then collect payment, you’ll reduce costs, hasten cash flow, and provide better customer service.

If your accounting software is efficient, it will let you do business on the spot. And that is a recipe for success. Whether it’s creating quotes, querying inventory to see if items are in stock, ensuring your customer gets the deal they are entitled to, or customising information on an invoice, Accredo can do it all.

Find out more. Download the PDF below and discover FOUR ways Accredo's integrated accounting software functionality can simplify your sales process.

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