Ledgers in the clouds

Sep 25, 2014

Money in, money out – it’s the basic function of any commercial operation. To manage the whole process, accounting software (or ‘solutions’) is an absolute must. Although, surprisingly in this day and age, many Kiwi businesses still struggle on with ‘pen and paper’ or spreadsheets. Considering today’s small monthly fees, confusing compliance requirements, no-stress cloud delivery and groundbreaking new technologies – why wouldn’t you opt for one of the many proven accounting solutions on offer? The easier you make the whole accounting process, the lower the stress levels and the more profitable the ‘bottom line’.

Accredo channel manager Kevin Carberry offers a key observation from the overall accounting marketplace in the past 12 months, and that’s the drive from B2B suppliers generally to require their customers to talk to them electronically. The issue is that data needs to be keyed in – an overhead neither side is keen to take on. In such a small market New Zealand’s larger customers can particularly call the shots, suggests Carberry, and smaller companies are being forced into wearing the cost.

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