Latest accounting software build packed with improvements for users

Mar 03, 2017

The following are just a few of the improvements that will save customers’ time and improve their experience of the Accredo system. Users should take the time to read the full Release Notes to familiarise themselves with the other improvements.

  • More user interface flexibility: For those users who like to use multiple monitors, it is now possible to have floating windows outside the Accredo desktop. To activate, simply middle-click (or Ctrl+Click) an option in the Navigator then move the floating window to another monitor. The state for open windows can be changed from the System menu. Click the icon in the top left-hand corner of the window and select Move to New Window. See the latest issue of Tips and Tricks for more information.
  • Grid visibility improvements: Accredo has introduced grid row shading across all modules, allowing users to choose the degree of shading in alternating grid rows. This makes reading data across grid rows much easier on the eye. In a similar vein, Credits are now highlighted in red, making them easier to spot. The colour can be changed easily if users do not like red.
  • See memo content at a glance: Most users will be familiar with the preview pane functionality in Microsoft Outlook. It is a nice feature that Accredo has now introduced for Accredo Memos. Highlight any memo in a list and see its full content in a preview screen to the right of the list. This is controllable by a user preference and can be toggled on and off.
  • Stocktake like old times: Based on user feedback Accredo has added a Basic Stocktake option which can be selected in inventory settings. This makes the data entry and reporting similar to 3.6 while retaining the underlying stocktaking data and reporting improvements under the hood. Also, see the latest issue of Tips and Tricks for more information.
  • Slice and dice contact lists: Accredo has improved the number and function of the filters users can apply to Contact Lists, making it easier to find sub-sets of contacts based on a range of differing criteria.
  • More help is at hand: Accredo is continually updating the Tutorials available within the software’s Help resources. Simply search for ‘Tutorials’ within the Help section and a list of our most current ones will appear. The Tutorials help users get to grips with some of the more advanced features in the software. If users have any topics that they would like Accredo to cover in a Tutorial, they should use the Feature Request form to alert the team.
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