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John Pronk

25 July 2018

“Accredo is suitable for a wide variety of different businesses but has a definite sweet spot with importers, distributors and service providers. My current customer list is extremely diverse and includes plumbing suppliers, food manufacturing companies, a clothing retailer and a confectionary distributor.”

John says if he has learnt one thing in his career as a business software reseller it is that every customer is different and likes to be treated that way.

“That is where Accredo come into its own. Its powerful script and report writing capabilities allow you tailor to do exactly what the customer wants it to do. You can create a particular form or workflow that matches the business owner’s specific requirements. And for me, that is where all the fun lies. Creating scripts that help automate processing and reduce repetitive tasks.”

He says Accredo is perfect for the medium-sized kiwi business. “If you are a business owner with between 5 and 50 staff, across various locations and your turnover is between $1m to $20m, Accredo offers the best mixture of affordability and functionality.”

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