John Kennett

Qualified Support Person

John Kennett has been working with Accounting Systems for around 20 years.

As a Chartered Accountant, John has an extensive understanding of the workings of accounting systems and has been involved in both implementations here and abroad.

His Bachelor's degree in Commerce and Management has majors in both Accounting and Computing, so he is as comfortable with the debits and credits, as he is with programming the automation of the Accredo accounting system.

He says that “The staff of clients that use Accredo love its user-friendly interfaces and flexibility, but it is the automation of the back end that really makes Accredo stand out from the crowd. At Biz Soft we measure the success of our Accredo implementations on the efficiencies created in the client’s business and often the payback period can be just a few months.”

Prior to setting up Business Software Limited, John owned a medium-sized IT company for five years and prior to this was General Manager of an Australia-wide operation. This means that John also understands the “day-to-day” challenges facing management and can apply his experience to ensure that Accredo is configured correctly to help with the smooth running of his clients businesses.

city/town: Whangarei
phone: 027 470 0900


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