John Kennett

Qualified Support Person

John Kennett has been working with the Accredo Software for over 20 years and in that time has implemented many companies in the SME space including some very large nationwide operations with multiple branches.

His background of Accounting Software spans back to the 1980’s and so he has constantly built on his knowledge from the early days through to today’s highly integrated solutions.

John is comfortable working in a wide variety of NZ companies as he has built a depth of experience in many different sectors over the decades in the industry.

What he likes about Accredo is the ability to fine tune the software to the Customers exact requirements by using the automatically upgrading customisation tools in the software.

He also likes the ability to create complex reports that work through mountains of data in a very efficient way to get results fast.

Accredo has proven over and over that it does the basics well and is powerful and flexible enough to cater for complex operations as well. The fact that it is written in New Zealand for New Zealand businesses means that it fits well out of the box and staff can get up to speed very quickly.

Contact John Kennett for a free no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.

Phone: 0274 700 900


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