Jill Garrett

Qualified Support Person

Blue House Computing directors Jill Garrett and Jenni Parkinson established their software consultancy firm over 10 years ago in response to the number of small business owners who were struggling to properly manage their accountancy software systems.

“Both Jenni and I worked for chartered accountancy firms and we were often asked by clients to help with ‘challenges’ they were having with their business software,” says Garrett. “By helping out we gained experience in a wide range of software packages for business, including job costing, accounting, payroll and business systems management.”

Blue House services a range of small-to-medium businesses in the Gisborne and surrounding rural areas. It has three trained Accredo QSPs on staff, including the experienced Brett Fitzgerald, and around 20 Accredo customers.

“Most of these customers operate in the agricultural space, and include farmers and agricultural equipment suppliers. We also have a number of light commercial and industrial engineering clients,” Garrett says.

The firm provides implementation, training and support services for a number of different accounting and financial software packages. Garrett says their Accredo customers tend to be mature businesses, looking for a deeper level of functionality from their software system.

“Accredo is for people who want to move beyond the simple functionality of MYOB. Typically, our Accredo customers are looking for a flexible business software solution to underpin a broad range of business activity – including job costing, inventory control and foreign currency.”

Garrett says Accredo is a good system for business owners who want to add value to their company performance by ensuring their software functionality is closely aligned to their day-to-day work practices. “The software readily accommodates that type of process improvement.”

She says Accredo also provides considerably more firepower when it comes to reporting than many other software packages. “Accredo is able to index a great deal of information, and makes it easy to extract that information. It provides plenty of smart features that give more in-depth and up-to-the-minute performance visibility.”

city/town: Gisborne

phone: 06 863 2275
email: jill@bluehouse.co.nz

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