Jason Weaver

Qualified Support Person

Using the flexibility of Accredo business software to meet the exacting needs of individual customers is meat and drink to Jason Weaver of Tauranga-based IT consultancy Zeal Systems. The firm has been recommending Accredo-based solutions for middle market businesses for over six years.

"We have around 50 Accredo sites," says Jason, "and while we support a range of other accounting packages, Accredo is the system we recommend customers purchase when looking for a new solution."

He says it is the flexibility and ease of use of Accredo that make it such a successful product - for both reseller and customer.

"From a design and implementation point of view, we find it easy to manipulate. Using features like scripting, report designer, and the product's versatile custom forms and tables we can modify standard screens and create tailored reports."

"In addition, customers find Accredo simple to operate. It is a very forgiving and intuitive system. All the screens are based on a common design and that makes it much easier for users to pick up and learn."

Many customers arrive at Zeal's door having outgrown their legacy off-the-shelf system, wondering where they should move to next.

"Our typical customer has started off using MYOB or Quickbooks," says Jason. "This serves them well for a time, but as their business grows they need more flexibility and sophistication to better handle increased business complexity and transaction volume."

He says business owners often come to him with a list of specific business processes they want to execute - many of which appear, on the surface, to involve significant software changes.

"Customers often put up with shortcomings in their software because they have been told they would take a great deal of effort and cost to fix. More often than not we can fine-tune Accredo to achieve the desired result with very little fuss or cost to the business."

This is why Accredo usually wins out when flexibility is paramount, says Jason. "I recently did an Accredo demonstration where I made changes on the fly. I built some scripts and customised a couple of reports, which provided very powerful proof that the customer's particular needs could be accommodated quickly and effectively."

Accredo also provides the perfect business backbone catering for more complex requirements as a business grows, says Jason.

"That is the rare quality of Accredo. Once implemented it can still accommodate the changes a business typically experiences. We often build solutions that involve joining Accredo with third party applications to achieve integrated ecommerce, cashflow or point of sale functionality."

Zeal Systems services customers throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas including Whakatane, Hamilton, Matamata, Rotorua and Gisborne.

city/town: Tauranga

phone: 07 544 4488

mobile: 021 759 932

email: jason@zealsystems.co.nz

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