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02 November 2009

NZ Business managazine: Whether you’re a well-established business, or about to open the doors for the very first time, there are a lot of boxes to tick when it comes to choosing an accounting/financial software package. And with many solution providers now offering the option of online, rather than desktop delivery, or a combination of both, there have been even more boxes added to the checklist.»


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09 May 2008

Does computer programming keep you young? It seems to have worked that way for Tish Brindle and Paul Heinz, general manager and director of Accredo Business Software. Accredo has been going a long time, and both have been with the company for years - but you'd swear they were fresh out of masters courses, bubbling with downright youthful enthusiasm for what is actually a rather old product.»


Keywords: In The Media

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