Feature round up

Apr 19, 2013

Feature round up highlights some of the recent enhancements we have made to the Accredo software. Some of these are a direct result of user feedback, from customers and QSPs, and are designed to make Accredo simpler than ever to use.

Ability to suppress deletion confirmation
This improvement was suggested by Accredo user Baden Prentice of Supply Services. When deleting a line in a document, such as an invoice or purchase order, Accredo offers a prompt to confirm the deletion. This can be a distraction when deleting many lines of information. Accredo now offers a toggle button on the grid toolbar which allows users to turn the deletion confirmation ‘on’ or ‘off’. Setting it to ‘off’ allows for lines to be deleted without the confirmation prompt activating each time. The default state for this button can be set in user settings and it is script-enabled so it can be automatically set to ‘on’ or ‘off’ for different types of forms.

Checking for Active jobs
Another handy reminder comes in the form of an automatic check to see whether there are active jobs for a customer in the Job Costing module prior to making a customer inactive. The software already checks for zero balances, outstanding invoices and orders, and now with this change it looks for any jobs that haven’t been flagged as complete. A small change that ensures there are no loose ends prior to making a customer inactive.

GST reporting code analysis
This improvement was acted on following a request from QSP Glen Wallace of Solve Consultants Ltd and relates to GST reporting. He asked for a way to easily review GST analysis where the GST Code has been changed by the user. As a result we have now created an easy way to identify where the GST code that has been used on an analysis dissection differs from the default GST code for the analysis code. This was achieved by adding a field to the GST Analysis Detail report layouts that provides the analysis GST code allowing users to run a filter across the report to pick up any mismatch between the GST code that was used and the default GST code.

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