Clever new features make life simpler for Accredo users

Aug 06, 2012

The latest Accredo build features some clever new features including consolidated batch emailing for invoices, the option to print product labels directly from a document and the ability to copy and view budgets in the general ledger. Read the user support notes.

Consolidated Batch Emailing for Invoices
Email Invoices can now consolidate emails and attachments. We have added new IN Settings to control this with selections for Batch Emailing separated onto an Email tab.
If Consolidate Emails is selected then Email Invoices will generate one email per unique email address instead of one email per invoice.
If Consolidate Attachments is also selected the Email Invoices will generate one attachment for all invoices on an email instead of a separate attachment per invoice.

Print Product Labels directly from your document
A new Print Product Labels option has been added to the Advanced menu on IN Invoices, OE Sales Orders, PO Purchase Orders, AP Shipments and IC Transfers (Saturn only). This prints IC Product labels for all Diminishing Product Codes (and Manual Kitset Product Codes) and quantities on the document, information from the source document and line can be included on the labels. For example print pricing or barcode labels for the stock you have just receipted on a shipment; print a label per item with packing slip number from an order or an invoice.
New Document Default selections have been added for each document allowing different IC Labels to be designed and assigned for each type of document, and IC Label Designer Objects now include Head and Line objects for each type of possible source document.

Copy and view budgets in the General Ledger
Bulk copy added for GL Budgets. Navigator > Tasks > General Ledger > Budget Copy.
Copy budget figures from one year to another / one budget to another, optionally updating by a percentage or amount.
Budget tab added to the GL Account Maintenance form. View detail of the budget figures for an account or all accounts over a specified range of periods.

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