Apps, add-ons, the cloud and empowerment

Sep 23, 2015

A dynamic accounting software market wants to change SMEs for good. From apps and add-ons to hybrids and mobile access, NZ Business reviews some of today’s leading options in accounting solutions.

Two years ago when NZ Business looked at the accounting software sector, it was all about ‘the Cloud’. This year the talk is about mobile, smarter and more automated technology, apps, add-ons and the ‘hybrid cloud’ – even ‘agnosticism’ (platform independent). And to top it all, SAP for SMEs is now available. It’s been a busy marketplace.

So how important is the delivery system versus the solution or service you get?

“Being able to log into your accounting software from a café is not the feature that will convince most business users, who have progressed beyond the start-up stage, to select a particular system,” says Kevin Carberry, Accredo Software’s channel manager, dealer network. “There are lots of other factors in play, particularly on-the-ground support and software which remains current and compatible wherever you choose your ‘comfort-point’ to be, as we evolve our leading business software.”

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