Andrew Joll

Qualified Support Person

Andrew Joll from Anacrusis Limited in Invercargill is "not just an IT guy." As a chartered accountant, he also "understands the do's and don'ts of accounting," putting him in a perfect position to do what he loves best - help his clients find the best solution for their business.

"I know that IT can provide great benefits, but I still see a lot of people who have been shoehorned into something that is either too big, too small, or just not right for them," says Andrew. "What really captured me about Accredo was the scripting. The systems can be customised to suit virtually everyone, and my clients just go 'Wow' when the see the power of Accredo scripting in action."

A Profax/Accredo QSP since 1994, Andrew believes one of his most important functions as a QSP is to request improvements and new features. "It's really neat when these ideas show up in new releases," he says. Andrew and his clients also assist with testing new features from time to time, and, if they have developed a particularly good script he will share it with the Accredo support and development teams. "Sharing knowledge and ideas helps to increase the power and reputation of the software," he says.

city/town: Invercargill

phone: 027 454 5430


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