An accounting system that gives business room to grow

Sep 24, 2013

When it comes to crunching the numbers, a chartered accountant’s job is made easier when a client’s accounting software is ‘fit for purpose’ – appropriate to the size and nature of the business and providing information that business owners need to fulfill their strategy.

Taranaki accountancy firm, Staples Rodway, knows this well. It provides a comprehensive range of business services that includes tax and audit, but also incorporates specialist advice on HR, valuations and investment – services that a standard accounting firm may not always provide. With a wide range of customers located throughout Taranaki and beyond, Staples Rodway goes even further for its clients – it has an IT division that helps them with their information technology needs. Bryce Gordon, Staples Rodway’s Business Computer Services Manager, knows the importance of an accountancy system that can not only manage the books but provide the extra horsepower needed to guide a company’s growth.

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