Alicia Bulley

After gaining her accountancy degree Alicia has spent most of her career at CA firms, with a two-year stint working for government agencies and in the commercial sector.

“I am excited about this change of direction. I enjoy helping customers get the best out of their accounting software and I want to ensure people are utilising Accredo to its full potential. I think Accredo has a lot of functionality that often goes untapped by customers.”

She says it is important to ensure the basic compliance and reporting procedures are structured properly to facilitate the smooth running of a business.

“Attention to this type of detail is important as it is a way of giving customers better control over their business. Ensuring all the regular checks and balances are in place and automated as much as possible frees up time for business owners to think and act more strategically.”

Her key piece of advice to customers? “Make sure you keep a close eye on the numbers. To do that you need an integrated system that gives you visibility across all your operations, then you need to be proactive about making improvements based on the facts at hand.”

City/town: Christchurch
Mobile: 021 902 133

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