Accredo Version 4 accounting software provides integration with Xtracta data extraction service

Mar 02, 2015

Accredo’s upcoming Version 4 release will provide customers with integration to a service that automates data extraction from scanned, photographed and digital documents.

The technology is provided by productivity-enhancing software provider Xtracta and integration is available and ready to use for Version 4 Accredo. The service extracts data from received documents, such as supplier invoices, and makes it available for importing into the core Accredo accounting solution – saving customers time and money.

Xtracta CEO, Jonathan Spence, says one of the biggest pain points for companies is the time-consuming manual input of data into their business software systems.

“What the Xtracta service does is give organisations the ability to automate data extraction within the environment of their accounting system. Rather than have people sit and enter the data – which can be an error prone process – once the documents are scanned the software identifies what data is important and captures it automatically.”

Spence says the Xtracta service improves the accuracy of data capture and allows organisations to reassign resources to higher value tasks. “People who previously did data entry are freed up to work on other parts of the business.”

Stand-alone data extraction tools can cost significant amounts of money and once purchased the customer then has to integrate it with its existing accounting solution, says Spence.

“By living seamlessly within the Accredo system, the Xtracta service removes those challenges, and customers will be able to use it for free up to a certain volume of documents.”

For more information about what the Xtracta service offers please contact your Accredo QSP.

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