Latest release of Accredo software helps NZ businesses grapple with fluctuating Kiwi dollar

May 01, 2009

Accredo has launched Version 3.0 of its business software solution, featuring full foreign exchange functionality.

Accredo General Manager Tish Brindle says the release of Version 3.0, one of the largest in the company’s 25 year history, is extremely timely.

“We have a large number of growing small to medium sized New Zealand companies who operate importing and exporting businesses. This release provides them with a robust, full function foreign exchange capability at a time when our volatile exchange rate has made foreign exchange management a pressing concern for New Zealand businesses.”

She says the current economic downturn coupled with the ongoing fluctuation in the New Zealand dollar requires businesses to better manage their foreign exchange processing.

“The unpredictable nature of the kiwi dollar is having a direct effect on the bottom line of many businesses. Its current variability means companies can go from making a significant margin, to making a loss, over night.

“Version 3.0 is designed to make it easier for business owners to manage exchange fluctuations and revaluations,” Brindle says. “It is designed for those businesses that have to manage complex ongoing foreign currency calculations and processes, right down to those who simply need to fix an exchange rate for the occasional offshore transaction.”

Brindle says Version 3.0 facilitates foreign currency hedging. “Businesses can lock an exchange rate for any given transaction and it will flow on through the system based on what it was set to when the original purchase or sales order was entered.”

The new release contains significant new non-foreign exchange functionality as well, says Brindle, with enhancements to budgeting and sales analysis – areas of key concern to customers.

“The increased power of Accredo’s budgeting functionality will give better visibility of business performance. It will help answer the ‘what if’ question, allowing owners to examine forecasted performance against actual performance, across a wide number of key business areas.”

Version 3.0 also includes a revision to Accredo’s sales analysis reporting. “The new version of sales analysis is a simple to use but powerful tool which lets users query the sales history in the system. You tell it what you want to know, how you want it grouped and summarised, and it figures out how to do it,” says Brindle.

She says the sales analysis tool delivers specific information without producing pages and pages of data which then needs to be manipulated in a spreadsheet.

“We have concentrated on making it simple for the business owner to operate. Once installed, the user it does not require any technical knowledge to run report queries.”

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