Accredo plays nice with MYOB’s practice management software

Dec 03, 2009

The latest update from Accredo features a new option that makes it easier for accountants to import Accredo data into their MYOB practice management software.

Accredo Director, Paul Heinz, says the change recognises the fact that over 80% of accountants use MYOB's dedicated practice management software, which has an option to import data in a special MYOB file format, exported directly from the end user's accounting system.

"By supporting this file format we are simplifying the import process for accountants. In essence, this change means that importing data into the MYOB practice management system will be as easy for them to do from Accredo as it is from an MYOB accounting system."

Heinz says by selecting a new option in Accredo's General Ledger, the chart of accounts and general ledger activity for a specified period range will automatically export to a MYOB file-friendly format.

"The system packages it all up and optionally attaches the file to an email, ready to send to the accountant. It's a one-click process that makes our customer's life easier - by simplifying things for their accountant."

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