Accredo carefully assessing the new provisional tax option from IRD

Apr 09, 2018

In brief, AIM offers small businesses that have a turnover of less than $5 million a year a new option for working out their provisional tax. AIM has been introduced to help businesses avoid cashflow problems as it allows them to only pay provisional tax once they have made a profit. Organisations can continue to use another provisional tax option if they think their business won't suit AIM.

Accredo is currently reviewing the new option and with a view to supporting it as an option in the software in the future. We are also working with the IRD on their new ‘gateway’ that will allow on-premise applications (Accredo) to communicate directly with the IRD over the web. This is not currently available for on-premise/desktop systems.

If users would like to use AIM in the future, they should inform their Qualified Support Person, who will register their interest with Accredo so we can assess demand.

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