Get detailed information about what stock you have and where it’s located for improved inventory analysis and management. Find out how much your stock really costs and ensure you meet customer needs by automating order creation and fulfillment. Create quotes and get an up-to-date picture of costs associated with your core jobs.

Inventory includes the following modules:

Mobile Inventory Application

The Accredo Mobile Inventory (MI) application is designed for staff working in the warehouse who need to do a range of inventory tasks, such as stock take counts and adding new products to inventory.

Take stock
The inventory app lets you undertake stock counts. Select the product you are counting from your product list and tally what’s in stock using a Bluetooth bar code scanner or the camera in your mobile device. Every item scanned is saved into a list which can then be saved as a count. The app supports units of measure.

Count how you like
Stock in Accredo is typically saved into a variety of different counts. Using the mobile app you can count single rows in a warehouse or entire product lines for a given location. You can also count those goods that have been allocated to a particular store person, giving you granular control over how you want to undertake the stocktake.

Start now, finish later
If you start counting in the morning and don’t complete your task, you can pause the count and save it as a draft. It will be saved locally on the device ready for you to resume the count again at a later time.

See what you need
The app gives your store person access to any product-specific report – detailing quantities, locations, etc – that has been set up in Accredo.

Upload an image
The app allows you to upload images into the Accredo system. Simply select an existing picture from the camera roll on your device or take a new shot on the spot.

Available for download from Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS).

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Job Costing

Accredo's Job Costing (JC) module is the pivotal module of the Accredo system for job-oriented businesses, whether you want to track costs associated with building or construction work, manufacturing, use of plant and machinery items, even vehicles.

Use JC to create quotes, estimates or budgets, then check actual costs against your projections to maintain an accurate up-to-date picture of how you are doing on every job.

Create invoices from JC, and monitor outstanding materials and costs for each job on a daily basis or more frequently as needed.

Find out where you made a profit (or where you didn't) and work out how to improve your performance on the next job.

Get the job
You need to get the job before you can do the job. Use Accredo’s document designers to make your quote or estimate stand out from the rest with clear, concise information and a layout that supports your company image and branding. Beat the competition on speed as well – just select the email option and Accredo saves your quote as a PDF and emails it directly to your customer in a single step. And safeguard sensitive information such as unit prices or hourly rates – Accredo lets you decide on the details to include or exclude in every quote.

Get the next job
If your customer changes their mind and asks for a new quote, don’t sigh and re-enter everything from scratch – just duplicate the existing job and save it as a new one before making the changes required. If some materials are no longer required, simply click to delete nil lines. And if material costs change, click again to reprice.

Manage materials from beginning to end
When you need to order stock for a particular job, create a link between the order in your Accredo Purchase Orders (PO) module and the job. When goods are receipted via an Accounts Payable (AP) shipment, Accredo logs them in to Inventory Control (IC) and immediately removes them from stock and assigns them to the right job in a seamless process. As work progresses, use Accredo’s Job Status reports for an overview of costs, outstanding purchase orders and outstanding shipments against the job at any time. When it’s time to close the job, a single click from the job window lists all outstanding purchase orders associated with the job, so you never forget to bill for materials used.

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Accredo's Invoicing (IN) module gives you complete control over your invoice, quotation and packing slip documents, including what they look like, what information they contain and how you format and send them.

With wide-ranging permissions, you decide whether to retain maximum control or provide complete flexibility over who can view, edit, enter, delete and print your documents, while the sophisticated automation and duplication functions reduce data entry and improve accuracy in your system.

The IN module is also a mine of information - when combined with Accredo's Sales Analysis, you can analyse your invoicing data in whatever way is useful to you to improve customer contact and be more proactive about selling.

Shipping details and links to shippers' websites within invoices make it fast and convenient to keep track of parcels and follow up if things go astray.

In today’s competitive market, looking good is crucial. Use the document designers included in Accredo’s IN module to design your own invoices, credit notes, quotes, packing slips and more, reinforcing your branding and saving on pre-printed document costs.

Accredo’s document designers also give you control over the content of your documents – create different versions for different situations – detailed invoices for big customers, summarised for those who hate paperwork. Use global narratives to quickly enter large blocks of text such as descriptions of work, instructions or warnings, or use scripting to add extra information automatically for certain products or customers.

Once you have created your invoices, quotes, packing slips, print each one individually and immediately, or print them in batches at the end of each day, week or month. You don’t even have to print them at all – instead, email them straight to your customers as PDF files, and save electronic copies for your own reference. With up to 99 years’ history, you can reopen and print or reprint individual items or batches at any time.

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Order Entry

Accredo's Order Entry (OE) module allows you to manage your stock efficiently and still meet your customers' needs - delivering what they want, when they want it, while keeping the amount you have tied up in inventory to a minimum.

Create the documents you need - order forms, packing slips, address labels - accurately and organised the way you need them, to get stock in and out the door as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Maximise repeat business, realise as many potential sales as possible, and keep your customers coming back for more with Accredo's standing orders, back orders and forward orders.

Improve your service to customers and increase your profits over time by monitoring stock movement and keeping track of items you were not able to supply.

Achieve fufilment
When a customer places an order to be filled immediately, you will ideally have everything in stock. But it’s not a perfect world, so use Accredo OE to place unavailable items on back order. Because you decide when and how to fulfil them, you control freight costs and how orders are prioritised. For example, for large, high value items, fulfil as soon as each individual item arrives in stock; for smaller, low value products, wait until the entire order is available before fulfilling; or compromise and dispatch whenever the entire quantity of each item becomes available. Fulfil the oldest, biggest or smallest orders first, or assign priority levels to your customers and serve the ones who order regularly and pay promptly first – especially if supplies are limited. Automatically fulfil back orders if you have enough stock for all your customers, or do a query run if stock is limited and you need to juggle a little.

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Purchase Ordering

Accredo's Purchase Orders (PO) module provides a foolproof means of managing your inward goods and services, from creating and sending orders in PO through to receipting and invoicing shipments in Accredo's Accounts Payable (AP) module.

Reduce data entry and minimise potential errors with the many automation options designed to save money and time for you and your suppliers.

Control your costs and plan effectively for the future with sophisticated reporting options that combine data from PO and other modules.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your inwards goods orders to be sure you are getting what you pay for and know you can deliver on promises to your customers.

Re-use, reduce, recycle
Accredo helps you to make the most of your time when processing orders. Enter a request for quotation in Accredo, and, when your supplier confirms prices and quantities, simply retrieve the quotation request and create your purchase order without re-keying any information – just delete or alter anything that has changed. Then, when goods arrive, enter a shipment in Accounts Payable (AP) and receipt against one or more purchase orders in Accredo Purchase Orders (PO).

Copy to avoid duplication
Do you order the same items, such as stationery and consumables, time after time? Set up a standing order template in Accredo, listing all your favourite products, and save yourself the time and trouble of re-entering them each time. Or copy your previous order and save it as a new one to achieve the same effect. Just fill in the required quantities for each item, click once to delete any nil lines and your order is ready to send.

Reprice in a trice
Did a supplier decrease their prices or offer you a better discount structure? Or perhaps the exchange rate moved in your favour? Take advantage immediately by automatically repricing your purchase orders once you have updated cost pricing in Inventory Control (IC).

Let your system do the reordering
When combined with Accredo’s IC module (as is typical), a single click on the purchase order entry form will automatically include all items from this supplier where the quantity available in IC is less than the minimum specified. Save the purchase order as is to restock all items to the maximum quantity, or edit before saving as required.

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Inventory Control

Accredo's Inventory Control (IC) module is not just a great way of managing your stock, it's one of the hubs of the Accredo system. With direct links to almost every other core Accredo module, IC allows you to monitor what stock you have, what you need, what it's worth, where it is and more.

Import and export all sorts of valuable information about your stock - for example, stocktake quantities, descriptions, prices - and use Accredo tools to report on your inventory by just about any criteria you can think of.

Use the extensive product details to produce labels, barcodes, catalogues and more from your Accredo system, and automate processes such as stocktaking, repricing and ordering.

Keep tabs on what is where with Accredo Saturn transfers and never lose items in the system again.

Take in every detail
Detailed information about your stock allows you to analyse and manage it well. In Accredo, add full descriptions, weight, volume, up to nine selling prices, even images of products, barcodes and links to suppliers’ websites. Alternatively, use the DI
module to import these details directly from your suppliers’ price book files.

Send out every detail
From the details in your Accredo product records, create your own product, shelf and barcode labels (generic for in-house use or licensed for national and international distribution) with the built-in document designers, printing them as required. Use the Accredo Custom Report Designer (RD) to create a catalogue based on the information in your Accredo product records, including images, descriptions, warnings, messages – anything at all that you store with the product record.

Get your kit
Use Accredo’s kitsets function to group products sold together, setting a bundled price or allowing manual adjustment of prices and quantities at the time of sale. Manufacturing businesses will find it easy to keep track of both finished products and
components with Accredo’s simple manufacturing transactions, which support up to nine levels of nesting for sub-assemblies.

Change the world
Use Accredo’s global repricing function to quickly and accurately update prices on a stock group or supplier range. Specify the product group and update criteria, then update all records automatically or check each item before repricing. If costs go up, you can use global repricing to automatically mark up your selling prices to reflect this.

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Much more than just a compliant accounting system, Accredo allows you to work the way you want to. Our software can be tailored to suit exactly the way your business operates – it doesn't force you into a one-size fits all solution.

Much more than just a compliant accounting system, Accredo allows you to work the way you want to. Our software can be tailored to suit exactly the way your business operates – it doesn't force you into a one-size fits all solution.

Two key strengths of Accredo are the depth of reporting available in the system and the full foreign currency support that is embedded in all relevant Accredo modules.

Two key strengths of Accredo are the depth of reporting available in the system and the full foreign currency support that is embedded in all relevant Accredo modules.