Report on customers and sales. Keep on top of payments with advanced approval and payment generation features. Manage fixed assets and depreciation schedules with minimal fuss, and manage your own banking records for any number of accounts. Extract the financial information you need with Accredo’s strong general ledger reporting.

Financials includes the following modules:

General Ledger

The General Ledger (GL) module is the hub of every Accredo system - where all your financial information comes together to provide an overview of how your business is doing.

Produce detailed or consolidated reports containing the information you need to manage your business; import from and export to MS Excel, and use the handy graphs for an instant snapshot of activity in each account.

You could call GL the 'reporting' module, but that's too simple, because you can also use it to produce budgets and costings, make adjustments, view historical information and control user access to sensitive information.

Make your own magic
The GL Financial Report Writer Wizard provided with Accredo’s GL module provides an easy and powerful means of producing financial reports that tell you exactly what you need to know to find out where your business is making (or losing) money. Using the Wizard is simple – just select the report style, set accounts to report on, and specify the columns and other details you want in your report. Because you design it, you can capture every last detail or obtain the briefest of summaries, depending on your requirements. In Accredo Saturn, you can arrange cross-tab style financial reports by branch or department if you want to. Whether you want to report monthly, quarterly or annually, whether you want actual or budgeted figures, it’s quick and easy to report on what’s important to you, in the format you want, to help you manage your business effectively.

Share the advantages
Use Accredo’s Report List function to print all your GL Financial reports with a single click or keystroke. No more hold-ups at the management meeting because one of the reports wasn’t printed. It’s just as simple to share your GL reports off-site – Accredo lets you save in Excel or PDF format and email reports instead of printing.

Think outside the square
When you want something a little outside the very large square provided by the Wizard, the Financial Report Writer works in exactly the same way as the document designers in Accredo’s other modules, so it’s very easy for you to edit reports you have started using the Wizard, or create your own from scratch if you prefer. And if you get stuck, or just don’t have the time, your QSP and Accredo Support are able to provide expert assistance.

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Accredo's Cash Book (CB) module makes it simple for you to keep an accurate record of cash movements and cash on hand for your business.

Use CB to manage and monitor receipts from debtors, payments to creditors and other transactions such as interest, fees and transfers between accounts.

Keep track of cash and cheque transactions as well as electronic banking transactions such as automatic payments and direct debits.

Maintain your own records of your business's financial comings and goings, so you always have an up-to-the minute picture of your position which you can compare with the information your bank provides you, to be sure they are getting it right.

Use Accredo’s CB to maintain your own banking records for any number of bank accounts. Integrated with AR and AP, CB helps you keep track of receipts from debtors, payments to creditors and all other deposits and withdrawals.

Check out transaction history and details quickly and easily in Accredo. View CB transactions by bank account or analysis code, then simply click once to drill down and find out how a transaction was analysed. If you spot an error, just click again to edit the analysis. Accredo automatically ensures your data integrity by only allowing editing of transactions that have not been transferred to the General Ledger or included in a GST return.

When you create a banking summary from receipts entered into AR, you get a comprehensive record of payments banked, when and where; your bank gets the details they require to accurately process payments into your account, and there is no double handling of data – just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes is all it takes.

Transfer funds between bank accounts in one quick step using Transfer transactions. Accredo automatically posts GST exempt transactions to both relevant accounts, eliminating the potential for human error and forgetfulness.

Accredo’s CB makes it easy to manage automatic payments. Just set them up once and post to the relevant bank account as they become due. You can post all automatic payments with a single mouse click or query payments and decide whether to post or skip each one individually.

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Fixed Assets

Accredo's Fixed Asset (FA) module allows you to manage a fixed assets register and depreciation schedules - and it lets you do it with minimum fuss. One of its key features is its ability to easily rectify the type of errors commonly made when maintaining an assets register.

Maintaining fixed assets using spreadsheets and manually keying information into a financial system is fine if you have only a few assets to manage. However, spreadsheets become a lot more difficult to handle when there are many assets to track. They are notoriously hard to de-bug and maintaining the register from year-to-year can become a time consuming process.

Accredo FA is specifically designed to reduce manual effort and make it easier to report on assets. With our FA module it is easy to rectify common errors, such as setting incorrect depreciation rates. Accredo FA will roll-back and recalculate the depreciation using the correct depreciation rate. It allows you to quickly delete transactions and regenerate reports.

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Accounts Payable

Accredo's Accounts Payable (AP) module provides a powerful creditor database which allows you to keep in touch with your suppliers, track what you owe to whom and control when and how payments are made.

Break down expenses and report on them in a way that suits your business to manage overheads and maximise your profits.

Keep abreast of shipments and payments made against them, and know the purchase value of your goods and services at any time.

Track what you bought and who you bought it from, and automatically pull all the details through to your General Ledger.

Control your GST payments with foolproof analysis to help you get it right, and simple reporting to help you see exactly what was analysed where.

Pay the easy way
Accredo makes remittance of your accounts easy, no matter what method of payment you or your suppliers prefer. Set up a default method of payment for each creditor, then pay electronically or print cheques and/or remittances as appropriate. You can easily change the payment method for individual payments, or alter the default method for a creditor at the click of a button.

Pay it your way
Accredo’s electronic payments function works with all major New Zealand banks and you choose whether to email remittances individually or in batches; print and post them out; or not send any at all. For manual payments, design your own printed documents, with cheque and remittance designers included with your AP module.

Pay one, pay all
Control payments easily, with separate approval and generation processes to deal with batches by due date, payment method or any other criteria you choose to apply. One-off payments can be entered directly as either payment or cash purchase transactions, which update both the creditor and Cash Book immediately.

Pay in your time
If cashflow is occasionally a little tight, prioritise payments according to the level assigned each creditor to ensure that essential services are maintained. And remain one step ahead when discussing payments with creditors, with up to 99 years payment history available in handy graph or grid form. Combined with the Cash Book (CB) module, Accredo’s AP also provides extended cashflow reporting.

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Accounts Receivable

Accredo's Accounts Receivable (AR) module provides you with a powerful customer database which allows you to comprehensively manage your customer and sales information.

Use the tools in AR to communicate proactively with your customers, be it with promotions, offers, or to solve credit problems before they get out of hand.

Custom-design your statements to promote your brand and provide your customers with the information they want, in the format they want it in.

Manage and monitor your sales team to ensure you (and they) are properly rewarded for their efforts.

Obtain detailed reports on customers and sales, either individually or in groups, to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Note: Typically, AR is combined with IN to allow preparation and printing of invoices and full functionality described here.

Contact the right person
Whether your reason for contact is sales or credit related, promotional or just social, Accredo’s unlimited contacts per customer allow you to quickly get in touch with the right person for every situation.

Take the right approach
You can use traditional methods such as mail, telephone or fax to keep in touch with your customers, or save money and time by emailing documents in batches or individually to your cybersavvy customers.

Preserve your links
Accredo makes it easy to keep track of communications and other information relating to individual customers – just create a hyper link from the customer record to the file and you can quickly retrieve and view it at any time.

Deliver the goods
Promises can clinch a deal, but delivering on them will keep your customers coming back for more. With an unlimited number of delivery addresses in Accredo for each customer, you can quickly and efficiently deliver to the right place at the right time, every time.

Simplify your system
Avoid clutter in your Accredo system by tagging one-time/infrequent customers as inactive. You choose whether to include them in lookups and reports, and you can reactivate them at any time.

Your customers are one of your most valuable assets, so it’s vital to protect them, and yourself, from breaches of privacy. Accredo gives you total control over who can access your customer information – show or hide account balances and sales history; permit or forbid access to customer records, sales reports and more.

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Much more than just a compliant accounting system, Accredo allows you to work the way you want to. Our software can be tailored to suit exactly the way your business operates – it doesn't force you into a one-size fits all solution.

Much more than just a compliant accounting system, Accredo allows you to work the way you want to. Our software can be tailored to suit exactly the way your business operates – it doesn't force you into a one-size fits all solution.

Two key strengths of Accredo are the depth of reporting available in the system and the full foreign currency support that is embedded in all relevant Accredo modules.

Two key strengths of Accredo are the depth of reporting available in the system and the full foreign currency support that is embedded in all relevant Accredo modules.