Outgrown your accounting system?

Are you running a successful NZ business but feel you are losing control?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you may have outgrown your accounting software system:

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  • Loss of control

  • Information overload

  • Handling information more than once

  • Lack of functionality

  • Poor integration capability

  • Bottlenecks and loss of productivity

It might be time to move to Accredo...

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Benefits of Accredo

Retake control
A key growing pain is the realisation you no longer know what’s happening across your business. As a small company you kept track of inventory and sales margins in your head, but now you have grown, overall visibility of the business is beginning to suffer.

It’s at this stage that many business owners seek out Accredo. MYOB and other similar accounting software packages take care of compliance needs, but as a business owner you need more control over day-to-day business processes – and no surprises!

Accredo offers this control. It automates repetitive daily tasks to speed up processing and reduce manual intervention, and it lets you manage what other users are doing in the system.

Nothing but the truth
As your business grows, stronger reporting and analysis tools become essential. You need to know which products sell well, and who your most valuable customers are.

While many starter packages capture data, getting it back out of the system in a format that is quick and easy to understand can be difficult. Obtaining one consolidated view of the business is hard to achieve using error-prone spreadsheets. With Accredo, you can extract as much or as little information as you need, do all the reporting right within the system – and be sure you have a single source of truth.

Conversion is easy
There is no risk moving to Accredo. Our trained resellers can transfer data from your existing system to Accredo quickly and easily. Our ‘point and shoot’ conversion tool transfers your company data – customers, creditors, products, and General Ledger accounts – into a new company in the Accredo system. All you need to do is input an opening balance.