Blue House Computing

"The team at Accredo is very approachable and goes out of its way to ensure we are well looked after."

Jill Garrett (centre) with Brett Fitzgerald and Jenni Parkinson of Blue House Computing.

Accredo helps us help our customers

Jill Garrett is a director of software consulting firm Blue House Computing. Based in Gisborne, the company is an Accredo reseller and promotes the accounting solution to a wide range of small to medium sized provincial businesses.

“We are proud resellers of Accredo. They are a joy to work with and provide a level of dealer support that you won’t find from many other software providers.”

Disappointed with the support the company received from another accounting software provider, Garrett was relieved when Brett Fitzgerald, an existing Accredo reseller (Qualified Support Person), joined the company.

“We had got to the point where we needed to add another software solution to our offering to provide more choice for customers. Brett brought a number of Accredo customers with him and we quickly realised what we had been missing. The team at Accredo is not only very approachable, but very available as well. When we ring them we always get the help we need.”

Garrett says every time a new version of the software is released, she receives a visit from one of the Accredo directors. “Working in the provinces it is easy to be forgotten by companies based in the large urban centres. But Accredo goes out of its way to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

It’s that sort of personal contact that makes the difference, she says. “Every year, Accredo’s channel manager also pays us a visit to talk through any issues and check that we are happy with the way the relationship is progressing.”

But the regular contact is only half the story, and Garrett says that wouldn’t count for much if the software wasn’t up to scratch.

“Primarily we enjoy being Accredo resellers because the software is reliable and stable – which again, places it above many others on the market. From release to release it is consistently good and it makes it easy for us to recommend to customers.”

Blue House services a range of customers, many of whom run trade-type businesses. They are often small operations with specialised requirements, which Garrett says, makes Accredo a good choice as it has a very flexible pricing structure.

“The entry point to Accredo is very accessible. The per seat pricing plan lets a business owner not only get a foothold with all the key accounting features, but it also provides them with specialist functionality such as Foreign Currency, Inventory Control and Job Costing. They get a system which gives them more features, will grow with their business, and last them longer.”

Garrett says many other accounting packages don’t stretch to include business management features – typically business owners have to purchase them as add-ons down the track and that can be an unforeseen cost.

“Accredo is good value. Many inferior systems cost a similar amount, but do not have all the capability that Accredo can offer – including with the scripting and customisation tools – which I believe are superior to anything else out there.”

Garrett says the ability to tune the software to suit the unique needs of the customer makes it easier for her to provide strategic advice to business owners.

“Take Accredo’s reporting for example. The system has excellent data capture and the reporting is exceptional. It is easy to create reports and that empowers staff to get to grips with how the company is really working. They start looking for ways the system can help further improve the visibility and control of the business.”

And, the reports are very customisable, says Garrett. “Each user can change how a particular report presents information based on their specific requirements. Again, it is just one example of the flexibility in the system that ensures Accredo punches well above its weight.”

When your job is to provide computer support saying ‘no’ to a change a customer wants to make can be awkward. But Garrett says with Accredo that rarely happens.

“The fact the system can be tailored to better suit the way a business operates is something Accredo customers really appreciate about the company and the software. When a customer requests a change, I simply modify the system – or ask Accredo to do it for me. It is usually inexpensive to do but can make a huge difference to the day-to-day running of a business.”

The Accredo difference

  • Powerful but simple reporting: With Accredo you have the flexibility to extract information tailored to suit the requirements of your business. Create high level summary reports, consolidate information across business divisions and drill down into detailed performance data – quickly, effectively and at a fraction of the cost of other reporting tools
  • Easy access to marketing information: Accredo’s accounts receivable ledger provides a rich customer database for marketing purposes, allowing firms to comprehensively manage customer and sales information. Clients can communicate with customers, whether it be with special offers and promotions, or to solve credit problems before they get out of hand
  • Prepare for success: A system that works well for one user may struggle when another three or four users are added. Accredo runs equally well for small and medium sized businesses. It scales, handles multiple concurrent user sessions and is able to cope with the increasing volumes of data created by a growing business

Interested in becoming an Accredo Qualified Support Person?

  • Accredo sells its software exclusively through Qualified Support People (QSPs) – business and IT specialists who are trained in consulting, implementation and ongoing software support
  • Accredo has over 80 resellers representing the software around New Zealand, many of whom have been loyal to the company since the firm began
  • If you would like to learn more about becoming an Accredo QSP, please phone Kevin Carberry on 0508 222 7336

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