Accredo integrates with a range of payroll, reporting, mobile and e-commerce application providers.


Continuously developed over 15 years, Empower Factory Productivity & Job Scheduling Software meets the specific needs of joiners and timber manufacturers, engineers and metal workers, as well as all other forms of manufacturing.

Every Empower Software customer manufactures one-off products or projects where each job is different from the last.

Deployed on tablets, Empower Software assigns tasks to factory staff and has over 50 live production productivity screens and over 150 live reports on key factory performance indicators, such as staff, work centre and factory productivity, job status, job profit, and workflow. 

Integrated with Accredo accounting software, Empower Software provides one, seamless business solution.

Empower supports over 200 manufacturing and engineering clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, US and the Philippines.  Pricing is low-cost weekly.

Contact Sean O'Sullivan, Empower Software +64 27 228 4211



Acumen Online is a New Zealand based company that specialises in online/website software solutions and has worked with a wide range of companies delivering out of the box and customised integrated website solutions for Accredo.

At Acumen Online, we provide our customers with integrated websites that are rich in functionality and connect them with their own customers to drive growth. Fully customisable in look and feel, Acumen Online bridges the gap between Accredo and websites, to lower the amount of time required to keep a  website up to date.

Customer sales history / documents, product information and pricing can be pulled directly from Accredo removing the need for your customers to update their website every time they modify a product. Our system is so automated that whenever you modify a product’s price or details in Accredo it appears on the website automatically. Orders placed online appear inside Accredo within minutes.

To learn more about how your organisation can benefit from Acumen Online or to find out more, please visit

Bryant Software Limited
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A2E is a clever Microsoft Excel extension application from Bryant Software that allows customers to link directly to information from their Accredo financial system, leveraging their knowledge of Excel to manipulate financial data and customise reports. With A2E’s suite of add-in functions for Excel customers can extract data from Accredo directly into an Excel spreadsheet without having to go through intermediate files or report generators. The add-ins use the Excel function wizard to create the necessary formulae to extract or save Accredo data.

A2E integrates with all Accredo’s core modules providing formulas to unlock information about customers, stock, suppliers, general ledger, special pricing and cashbook. Using A2E to extract financial details from the Accredo General Ledger allows reports of any format to be created in Excel. By linking formulae to key cells, data changes are made universally across the relevant fields and quarterly financial reports (such as profit and loss reports) can be created quickly and easily. Customers who run multiple companies on Accredo can use A2E to consolidate information from all of them into one financial report. A2E imports the necessary data from Accredo and arranges it as desired in an Excel workbook. A2E is an exclusive third party product for Accredo customers to provide an easy mechanism to unlock Accredo data.

For more information please contact your QSP or contact Graeme at or by telephoning +64 3 348 8016, +64 27 439 4066.

Native Software Limited


integraSell, a product developed by Native Software Limited, allows Accredo customers to establish simple and affordable e-commerce functionality on their websites.

Designed to integrate directly with Accredo business software, integraSell enables businesses to promote products and securely conduct transactions with trade or retail customers online at any time, in any location.

Flexible enough to fit the requirements of a wide range of organisations, integraSell lets businesses easily post and update price and stock information, and maintain full order histories and customer details.

integraSell can upload product details and download sales information directly from Accredo and provides for automatic entry into Accredo for up-to-the-minute sales transaction processing.

For more information please contact your QSP or contact Native Software directly at or (09) 376 7132.

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OneNet is a pioneer and New Zealand market leader in cloud computing. OneNet specialises in delivering software applications to its clients and securely storing their business data in the cloud.

OneNet markets its cloud computing services directly as well as through a network of authorised OneNet Reseller Business Partners. Virtually any software, including custom-written applications and an entire portfolio of desktop applications, may be delivered by OneNet as a service.

We work with your existing Accredo partners to deliver a robust and reliable cloud service.

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Opmetrix provides mobile sales force automation software for high-performing organisations.

With the Opmetrix App, sales teams maximise efficiencies with every call they make.

With a 15 year track history in developing award winning mobile applications, Opmetrix is a mature product in its 3rd generation of mobile technology.

The team behind the product have leading-edge experience in developing for new mobile platforms.  Innovation is key to our success and we continue to invest in research and development to ensure new commercial mobile platforms will be covered.


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Xtracta is a powerful and extremely easy to deploy cloud based automated data extraction system. It can help drastically reduce labour costs and boost organisation productivity. Built on a philosophy of efficiency and accuracy, Xtracta focuses on removing the need for manual data entry while being easy to configure and deploy for organisations of all sizes.

The Xtracta App and its core capture technology can be integrated directly with both desktop and SaaS based Applications to provide data capture as an integral part of the overall customer solution.

Zeal Computing

Jason Weaver supports Accredo because the software allows him to introduce new ways of doing things for his customers. Read more.

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