Automation & Reporting

Gain sophisticated data exchange capabilities to integrate Accredo with other applications. Implement web services to put information online and talk to mobile apps. Work smarter with powerful report design functionality. Design forms and adjust database tables to access data and report on information that meet the specific needs of your business.

Automation & Reporting includes the following modules:

Web Services

Accredo's Web Services (WS) module makes it easier to have mobile apps or browser-based interfaces developed that talk to Accredo remotely.

The WS module simplifies how mobile applications exchange information with Accredo while ensuring all its fundamental rules are abided by when transaction data is entered.

The module is built on best-of-breed web standards and is open to compatible third-party integration technologies. It follows a modern RESTful model using JSON payloads, which means it is easy for browser-based solutions and mobile apps to talk to. You can now develop mobile apps unique to the way you operate with much less difficulty.

Put information online
The WS module gives you the flexibility to put information online and make it available to your customers or suppliers. Working with your QSP or web developers you can push Accredo data into a browser and let people view and/or transact with it, in the confidence that everything in the online environment will be validated in the same way as it is on the desktop. The WS module will enforce the same Accredo business rules.

Technically speaking
The WS module is a separate suite of executables that run as a Windows Service and integrates with the Windows Kernel HTTP.SYS subsystem. It allows Accredo data objects to be interacted with over the HTTP and HTTPS web protocols.

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Forms Designer

Accredo's Table Designer (TD) and Forms Designer (FD) modules form part of a set of customisation tools that also include Report Designer and Data Interchange. These modules allow you to adjust the software so you can perform actions that better match the specific needs of your business.

FD is a programmer's tool that allows you to access and arrange information stored in tables in Accredo. Often used in conjunction with Accredo Table Designer, FD is put to work when you need a complex form which pulls information from a number of different tables and presents it in a particular way.

Flexibility is one of Accredo's strengths. The FD module lets you extend the Accredo software to create forms that can manipulate nonstandard data - data which is often unique to your business.

You can use FD to create a dashboard for ‘at a glance’ access to your business’s key performance indicators. The dashboard will present up to the minute information in the form of graphs, charts and tables about the activities you need to track on a day-to-day basis. These could include information about sales and salespeople, a list of key end of month administration tasks, purchases over a set amount or a table of your top performing customers. Accredo dashboards are fully customisable allowing you to call and display information most pertinent to your business.

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Report Designer

When you need to go beyond the powerful, easy to use report layouts that come with every Accredo module, Accredo's Report Designer (RD) gives you the power to design your own reports, specific to your unique business needs, combining information from different modules based on your own rules.

Part of the "power core" of Accredo, RD is a banded report designer powered by SQL (Structured Query Language) and Visual Basic-style scripting with a WYSIWYG graphical user interface.

SQL queries give you complete control over the raw data for your reports - you decide what information is relevant to you. A simple query builder allows anybody to develop queries even if you don't know SQL, or you can write and edit the SQL yourself.

Use the wizard to easily and quickly design reports, then specify rules for exporting to Excel or CSV. RD also lets you view reports on screen, print, email or save in PDF, Excel or CSV formats.

For those of you that struggle with columns of numbers in black and white, you can now use RD to bring numbers alive in the form of graphs, gaining a colourful and illustrative way of comparing figures and monitoring progress.

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Table Designer

Accredo's Table Designer (TD) and Forms Designer (FD) modules form part of a set of customisation tools that also include Report Designer and Data Interchange. These modules allow you to adjust the software so you can perform actions that better match the specific needs of your business.

Accredo TD lets you add extra fields to Accredo database tables, so you can record information that is unique to your business. Fields added to the Accredo tables are automatically available to data entry forms, report layouts and filters. You can also create your own unique tables. These tables link to the rest of the system via scripting and provide you with storage for extra data you wish to capture e.g. additional categories for grouping your customers.

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Data Interchange

Accredo's Data Interchange (DI) module forms part of the "power core" of the Accredo system, making Accredo software really work for you. With sophisticated data exchange and automation tools, DI adds even more power to the standard automation and exporting tools that come with each Accredo module.

Powerful importing and exporting functions open up your Accredo system to other applications that you or your customers or suppliers use, giving you 100% accuracy, saving hours in data entry and providing you with added power to manipulate and analyse your business information.

Data-level scripting takes you to the next level in automation, giving you a fast and seamless way to handle repetitive tasks. All your company rules, checks and validations are still applied, without slowing down your operation and without constant monitoring.

Put on a live performance
Accredo supports both ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) and OLEDB (Object Linking and Embedding Data Base) standards from a single driver. Access to your data is controlled by the presence of the DI module. This allows you to read data in other Accredo companies and permits other applications to read from your Accredo system. Provide current product images, prices and availability on your website, maintain an up-to-the-minute Excel spreadsheet or check all your Accredo  companies at once for a customer or product code.

Speak the same language
Import or export data from or to any other system using DI importing, datalevel scripting or the Microsoft COM (Common Object Model) standard and transform the data during the process so it is immediately usable in the destination system. Import or export salesperson records to payroll systems, or customer details to customer relationship management applications. Import orders from an application on a personal digital assistant (PDA) directly into your Accredo system, then export orders individually or in batches to the portable data terminal (PDT) system in your warehouse. No waiting for orders to be posted or faxed, no tedious data re-entry, no possibility of errors and the fastest possible turnaround times for your customers.

E-trade easily
DI makes e-commerce more than possible – it makes it easy. When orders are placed online via your website, you can automatically add or update customers, import orders, create and print invoices and packing slips, send confirmations and more.

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Customised for you

Much more than just a compliant accounting system, Accredo allows you to work the way you want to. Our software can be tailored to suit exactly the way your business operates – it doesn't force you into a one-size fits all solution.

Two key strengths of Accredo are the depth of reporting available in the system and the full foreign currency support that is embedded in all relevant Accredo modules.