Support overview

Our policy regarding end user support has always been to provide the best possible support to users of Accredo. Our main concern is that anyone who needs help, training or general support can obtain it, at a fair and reasonable price. However, we are also mindful of the need to adopt a "user pays" approach, rather than expecting some users to subsidise others.

Sources of Support

If you need help with your Accredo system the following options are available:

Qualified Support People (QSP)

Contact your Qualified Support Person (see our QSP List). This is a link. if you don't have one). They should be able to answer many of your questions.

Our QSPs have attended an intensive training course, ensuring they have an extensive knowledge of the systems.

Help Desk Service

For telephone support for your Accredo Business System, simply dial
 0900 500 90 during business hours for connection to the Accredo Support Help Desk.

This is a user pays service which will be billed on your monthly phone account, charges are currently $4.95 (plus GST) per minute.

For prompt assistance you should ensure that you have all the following information ready to hand:

  • The Accredo product you are using
  • Your release number
  • Your system serial number
  • Charging commences from when your call is answered by our support staff