Access Accredo in the Cloud

The Accredo business management software solution is available via the cloud – a computing model that lets you pay a regular operating expense to keep Accredo running at optimum levels for your business.

A number of computer hosting companies offer our accounting solution via the internet.  Whether you access our full function software through the web or on servers at your business, it looks and operates the same.

The decision as to which deployment you choose is yours. A hosted solution can provide reductions in IT-related time and costs, but it won’t suit every organisation.


A fully managed hosting service
A fully managed hosting service

What is the Cloud?

• Cloud computing allows you to access computer
resources – hardware and software – over an
internet connection
• Rather than having Accredo implemented on a server
within your organisation, you pay a fixed monthly fee to
access the Accredo software from a dedicated virtual
server at a hosting company
• Your data will be secure in a New Zealand data centre
and available whenever you need to access the system

Why choose the Cloud?

Maintaining computer resources to run a software application does
cost money. Ongoing updates to the solution infrastructure can be
expensive with unpredictable one-off costs. For SMEs these costs
can be a drain on capital expenditure and hard to budget for.

Cloud computing allows you to smooth ongoing computing costs
by paying a fixed monthly price to access the hardware and application.
Or, in other words, it moves IT-related costs from a capital expenditure to
an operational, consumption-based model.


• IT-related spend moves from a CAPEX to OPEX model
• Predictable IT costs that can be budgeted for in advance
• Flexibility to increase (or decrease) processing power depending
upon the needs of the business
• One monthly payment covering software provision and fully
managed hosting services
• Access Accredo via Remote Desktop Services wherever there is an
internet connection
• Frees up resources to focus on growing the business

Why Accredo?

You can customise the Accredo Cloud solution to match your unique
business processes, it supports multiple user sessions and you can
access it in or out of the office via an internet connection. Because
our software has a scripting layer built-in you don’t lose the ability to
tailor the application to better suit your business – a common problem
encountered with browser-based accounting software.

For more information please email Kevin Carberry