KC's Bakehouse

Case study : Heat in the kitchen no problem for Accredo
"Accredo has helped simplify our order entry processes and improved our production scheduling."
Belinda Coleman, Office Administrator, KC's Bakehouse

Heat in the kitchen no problem for Accredo

Gold Coast business KC's Bakehouse began life in the late 1990s supplying pastries to lunch wagons and local coffee shops. Fast forward to today and the company continues to service its local retailers, but the addition of a number of large commercial customers has required it to invest in greater inventory management control and improved reporting firepower.

Crucial to helping the firm navigate its steep growth path was the decision to move from its MYOB platform to Accredo, a dedicated business management software system designed for growing Australian companies.

KC's Bakehouse's Office Administrator, Belinda Coleman, says from its humble back-room beginnings the business now operates from a purpose-built factory, servicing 400 customers and employing 70 staff.

"We are now a big bakery that supplies pies, donuts and other baked goods. We have moved into palletizing frozen orders for our larger customers and we provide catering companies with pies eaten by passengers on some international airlines."

Coleman says the growth of the company meant it required software that could do more than simply balance the books. "The level of business we were starting to do was placing a strain on our MYOB system. It had performed strongly for us, but going forward, we needed something that could provide us with better order entry functionality."

Obtaining a richer array of production reports to keep track of the growing business was also becoming a priority, Coleman says.
“We needed a system that would help simplify the order entry processes for our office staff. Looking at the ordering history of a particular customer wasn’t possible on our legacy system but it was a necessity for smooth order fulfillment.”

After toying with the idea of changing her business software for around 12 months, in 2005 Coleman decided to implement Accredo.

"While I received quotes from a range of different suppliers, none of them convinced me to alter my decision regarding Accredo. I knew it could do exactly what we required of it."

Coleman’s knowledge was well-earned. Prior to joining KC’s Bakehouse she worked for Spandex in Sydney - one of the first companies in Australia to implement Accredo.

"Accredo is easy to operate and the software allows me to create the reports I want. I have established a range of production and daily run reports which the girls in the office simply click one button to produce."

Accredo’s inventory control functionality is the hub of the firm’s management system. It allows the bakery to manage and adjust stock levels to meet different daily demands and is integrated with the invoicing module.  “That helps with production scheduling as we can organise the sequence of the orders to match the way the produce gets packed and delivered."

The inventory control module lets the businesses import and export all sorts of valuable information about stock - for example, stocktake quantities, descriptions and prices.

One of Accredo’s strengths, says Coleman, is the accessibility of the information across all modules. It is available to users when and where it’s needed.

"Sometimes we run short on our planned production volume and we have to cut back quantities. Accredo makes it easy for our office staff to find the affected orders. They don’t have to jump from screen to screen searching for relevant information, which means they can make informed, on-the-fly decisions.

Coleman receives support from Belinda Mellett, a registered Accredo Qualified Support Person. "We have no worries about back up service. At the moment I am working with Belinda and Accredo to devise a custom report which lists which daily customers have failed to order for the day. This is a win-win: I get a better picture of what is outstanding and my customers get a friendly reminder to get their order in."

Coleman says she is extremely happy with the system, and she has  recommended it to several of KC’s retail customers.

"It is an ideal system for food and beverage companies – be they suppliers or retailers. A single Accredo system allows you to run multiple companies - a great saving if your business operates as a number of different entities."

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