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Accredo helps Aussie business set the right price for all its customers
“Accredo's Special Pricing module is second to none. We can customise pricing based on sales volumes, as well as a wide range of other criteria.”
Gina Golding, Sales Manager, Plaster Warehouse (middle), with Jason Weaver (left) and Chris Golding.

Accredo helps Aussie business set the right price for all its customers

Accredo’s Special Pricing module is proving to be an efficiency engine for a Queensland-based couple running their thriving importing and retail/trade businesses.

“We opened our first plastering supplies shed 10 years ago and we now operate three warehouses – one each in Nerang, Caloundra and Brisbane,” says Plaster Warehouse Co-founder and Sales Manager, Gina Golding.

Gina, along with husband and Managing Director, Chris Golding, were recommended Accredo by their business partners. They use the software to manage their plastering outlet sheds as well as their importing business that brings in interior and exterior plastering supplies from New Zealand and the United States. Gina says they have no regrets implementing the software.

“From day one it has been a very effective system for us. What we really liked from the outset was the flexibility of its special pricing capability. It allows us to set up tiered pricing structures and gives us granular control of the pricing parameters we set for each of our customers.”

Accredo's Special Pricing module solves pricing problems very simply and is transparent to use, says Golding. “It lets us set consistent pricing across all our outlets and we can reward customers for buying in bulk by setting up different prices structures for quantities purchased. It takes away the ad-hoc nature of pricing and automatically applies the right price for each customer.”

Golding says there is often more than one rule that determines what deal a customer is meant to receive. “When you have to rely on your memory to determine what price different customers should pay it quickly becomes an error prone process. Luckily with Accredo you have fine control over the rules. You can prioritise certain rules and create scripts to define which one takes precedence.”

Accredo’s Special Pricing module also handles contract pricing, time-based specials and cost-plus pricing. “We import a lot of our products so when foreign exchange rates fluctuate that affects our product margins. Accredo allows us to add a percentage to cost prices per product. That ensures we always cover those currency shifts. It also allows us to specify start and end dates for weekly or montly specials. Accredo then applies the correct prices to every order or invoice within the specified period.”

Golding says Accredo ticks all the boxes for their business. “It’s an accounting system but it does a lot more. It’s strong on inventory. It has excellent multi-currency functionality and it automates a lot of those tiresome manual data entry jobs.”

Plaster Warehouse’s system is ably supported by Accredo QSP, Jason Weaver from Zeal Systems. “Jason has a really good team behind him. He has created a number of customisations in the system which save us time and cut down errors.”

One such innovation is a branch default which determines which branch a user is operating from, based on their log-in. “This is great because it negates the need to manually select the right stock location. It does it for you automatically.

“It might seem like a small thing, but it is just one of a number of smart short-cuts, which when added up, are big timesavers and prevent mistakes occurring.”

Most of their customers order stock by phone or email, says Golding. “Our tradies tend to do most things manually and a lot of it at the last minute. All our internal and external delivery charges are set within the system, and these automatically flow onto the invoice. We often pre-empt what the tradies need by looking back on previous orders. All that information is stored in Accredo and is easy to access. We sometimes know what our customers need for a job before they do!”

Golding says she and her husband can steer a good course for their businesses based on the information they receive from Accredo’s reporting. They utilise Accredo’s standard profit and loss reports and can see exactly how much product is being turned over.

“The average sales report is a big one for us,” says Golding. “Our stock levels change every day and we need to ensure we have enough product in stock to cover future orders. Accredo’s reporting lets us see exactly what is going out the door and what orders we have coming up.”

Golding says Accredo is great for a growing company. “We don’t regret implementing it. It has coped effortlessly with our business growth. A few years ago we looked around just to see what other packages were out there, but Accredo’s pricing functionality was superior to anything else on the market.”

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