Link front and back office processes with Xact and ACT!

Mar 04, 2015

Xact Software supplies and services ACT!, the only CRM solution with a live link to Accredo. Xact Link for ACT! and Accredo can be supplied to Accredo customers looking to implement CRM or for those already using ACT!, Xact can supply just the link software.

Xact Software is a New Zealand software company that provides business workflow solutions that improve office processes, linking sales processes to accounting systems. ACT! is the world’s leading contact relationship management software and is very popular in New Zealand and the region.

Integrating ACT! CRM and Accredo pulls together customer and financial data across the organisation, so that all appropriate staff have a complete picture of customer relationships and communications. The linking of sales and financial process is often referred to as improving the front office to back office workflow procedures. There is no compromise to the confidential data in accounting, simply allowing smooth data entry and avoiding data duplication.

Xact values advice on what additional features its customers would like to see in its accounting link. Accordingly, it has created a short survey for Accredo users. To make sure Xact product features meet Accredo customer needs, please fill out this short survey.

For a list of ACT! and Accredo link features click here.

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